La lune

Sometimes at 4am I feel completely at peace. Other times, I get totally freaked out for no real reason other than pure existential angst; the magnitude of the universe is too overwhelming for my tiny mind to comprehend, yet my tiny mind won't let go of the urge to figure it all out. The rest … Continue reading La lune


Tabula rasa

Let's start over. Again. If it's a mess, it needs tidying up. Right? But sometimes it's just too fucking big of a mess and you should just throw the whole thing away and be free of it and start anew. This is my blank slate. And now I can think clearly.



I'm not a very good friend. I'm a pretty shitty friend, in fact. It's not that I don't care about other people - I do, deeply - it's just that being someone's friend absolutely drains me. It's easier to just not have friends; it's less stressful if other people just don't like me very much. … Continue reading Hearties