My body holds the memory of a hundred dress rehearsals.

Your brain sends out the same impulses no matter whether it’s a daydream or a day away.

Somewhere in my mind, it really happened. And somewhere in your mind, at the same time, it happened too. Our energy beat us to it.

And maybe we’re lucky, and that energy has some quantum entanglement keeping us hooked up. Maybe a speck of you was next to a particle of me when the universe blew up and created itself, and you do look kind of familiar now that I think about it.

So now when I think of you and you think of me, if there is even an infinitesimal tangled bit of energy, then that is definitely some spooky action at a distance. Thank you, Einstein.

7 thoughts on “Peripeteia

    1. I’m not deleting anything, don’t worry! Not sure about Twitter though. I need a break, and deactivating means I don’t come back to pictures of cocks in my DMs!

        1. Tbh, the final assignment for my course really messed me up. I totally cracked under the pressure and I didn’t tell anyone and it all got a bit out of control. As in, ‘definite chance I failed’ out of control. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I just need a break for a while! I’ve got a month to reactivate anyway, I think.

    1. I will. I’m sure I’ll turn up again once I’ve got my head together! I’m not too sure what happens when you fail, actually. At worst, I’ll have to (partially?) repeat the year. I can’t do anything now but wait for my result.

      I hope you’re well, anyway! Thank you for coming to say hello 🙂

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