Goodbye forever, in French

This is definitely the last of it.
I just wanted to try something.
Some method acting
For the emotionally broken
(I have nothing left now – this is my last gift to you.)
See, you’re so damn inspiring
And I thought you would like it
I thought you could see
It was all just a dream.
I could construct this awesome fantasy
Build you your own fucking universe
Where you could be god
With a genie who makes life out of thunder
(And then we go home.)
At least you’re still a legend;
An old wives’ tale
For the ones who can’t tell you’re faking.
I thought we were special
Not together, but separate – the connection was special
It just… wasn’t, though. Apparently.
I’m curious
I’m annoyed
I’m sad
I had a different ending planned.
Now I understand why
You like girls on top
It must be hard trying to fuck any other way
With no bloody backbone.
Okay, okay, I’m just kidding
And I’m not really mad.
This has all just been strange.
What I’m sad about is all the words
That were said so sincerely
Until you clicked your fingers
And turned them into one monumental
Waste of fucking

23 thoughts on “Goodbye forever, in French

        1. Oh man… Out of everyone I’ve mentioned on this blog, this guy is the least deserving of me being so harsh! I haven’t been sleeping because I’ve been so upset about misreading my ‘friendship’ with him, and at 5am yesterday morning this kind of wrote itself out of the words that have been playing around and around in my head for the last few weeks. So yeah, I meant it – but it’s the stress and insomnia talking!

        1. I think (I hope) he’ll be alright. He’s the one who encouraged me to start writing again, and this is how I repay him… He’ll either think it’s crap and wish he’d never convinced me to play around with words again, be confused and offended and hate me for being such a bitch to him when the whole situation is my fault, or he’ll be secretly tickled that some crazy girl took all her thoughts about him and turned them into a bittersweet tuneless song.

          Or he wont ever read it and/or just won’t give a fuck.
          That one, it’s that one.

    1. Actually, I was lying down and tapping away silently on my phone πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, I’m quite shocked at how this came out – a few of the lines popped into my head but I couldn’t be bothered to go and fetch a notebook so I just started drafting it on my phone. I wasn’t intending to publish it; I haven’t written any poetry since 2006 and I’ve never written it like this. It only took half an hour…

      It’s a shame I’d already roared too loud at him and scared him away. He was so good at helping me write :/

      1. Ha. My ex puppet was an editor…..he told me I was a “really good writer.” Too bad the only thing he read was the goodbye letter I sent to him….and IT WAS GOOD! πŸ™‚

        1. Hahaha, that’s fucking brilliant! πŸ˜€
          Ahh, he didn’t just tell me I was good. He inspired me and gave me confidence and provided everything else I needed to actually start writing for myself again. Now I have to figure it out for myself, and try to convince myself he actually meant the things he said.

          1. Well, since I’m “so uneducated” I don’t know whether to believe him or not. He’d probably say the same thing to check…oh, wait….I forgot. HE pays her bills. LOL

    1. Thank you! I’ve never written anything like this before, I really wasn’t sure what the end result was going to be.

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