When I was young
I used to sit at my bedroom window,
Climb on to the ledge,
And dangle my legs down
Into the street below.
A concern for passersby
But I wasn’t going to jump –
I just wanted to watch the world.

And I still want to sit at an open window,
Put my arms out to feel the rain,
Look for the first star I can see
And blow smoke into the fog.
Not all at once, obviously –
Weather permitting.
But one out of three
Is so necessary. It helps me breathe.

The stars are always the same
Even when the moon has a different face
And my thoughts are always about someone or other
But they’re peaceful thoughts, for once.
And I’m calm
For once
Because at three in the morning the world is as intense as it ever is
But I can finally listen to your silence.

It’s so easy to fall deeper in love in the moonlight
Because you’re going to wake up very soon –
Right after you’ve finished your chimney impression
And closed your eyes tight.

30 thoughts on “Luna[r]cy

  1. Cleverly titled post. I love it! I have a buddy I hang with and he goes outside quite a bit to smoke and we chat. I often look up at the sky in awe at the stars. I think to myself, how amazing it is we live in such a beautiful world. All the protests, riots, wars, I forget it all then.

    I think it is the realization that we are so small in such a huge universe. It makes all those big problems suddenly seem, much smaller. At night, when I’m trying to sleep (because I sleep so little). I like to envision myself floating in space staring at the stars, the feeling of no gravity, only me, and my thoughts or more often than not, sitting in a boat. I like to think of laying down still staring at the stars and feeling the tide carry me away.

    The world is a beautiful place, even if it doesn’t seem it at times because others don’t choose to see it. Great post. I love reading! Cheers! ^_^

    1. Thank you! I actually love so many things about the word ‘lunacy’…

      And I know that feeling… I’ll look at a star and think about how there’s so much space and time between it and us and… it just doesn’t fucking matter, does it? I’m looking at something that might have already imploded and disappeared because its light has taken so long to get here, and if that star has its own solar system and so do all the others then we’re all just obstreperous yet completely insignificant specks of dust… and suddenly NOTHING matters.

      But conversely, if nothing matters then everything that happens to us personally is the only thing that really matters. And beautiful things happen to us all, every day. As you say, we just have to make the choice to see them.

      I should probably go to bed with those kinds of thoughts! Thank you – again – and I will catch up with the rest of the comments soon, I promise! x

      1. If you do, then you do. If you don’t then you don’t. Don’t stress. I’m going to read regardless! ^_^

        Yeah, it is truly a beautiful thing life. Good night. 🙂

  2. Well written !!
    I used to lie on the bonnet of my dad’s car and look up into the sky at night
    The air was always fresher and the sky brighter!!
    A place of solace it was!!

    1. Thank you! Oh, and that sounds awesome. If I had a car then I’d probably do that myself! The night sky is wonderful for the soul.

  3. I never sleep before 4am, I love to look to the Sky and let myself become completely lost, I feel at peace with the Sky, the Moon the Stars. Great post, many thanks.

    1. I’m up until 4am a lot more than I should be, but I don’t often take the time to look at the sky these days. I feel the same though, I could just watch the sky for hours… there’s so much going on in the universe but it all looks so calm and peaceful from here. And thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Thanks for following me!

    I’m glad you did because when I clicked on your page I found this astonishing quality of poetry.

    If I wasn’t so tired right now I’d give you a more constructive comment. But, as it stands, I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

    1. You’re welcome – and wow… that’s an amazing compliment, thank you so much! There isn’t much poetry on here yet, but I’ll be writing more. Thank you for following back and taking the time to read what I’ve written! I appreciate it so much.

  5. This one has me thinking …
    but I need some time, a full moon and
    either silence
    or the right kind of music.

    Any recommendations for the latter?

    1. Hmm… Honestly, I prefer silence. The middle of the night is the only time I really get it! If I were to listen to music, it would more likely be something that brought back memories of specific times – mainly because it’s also the time when I let myself have a bit of a cry. But those memories/songs are specific to me, so those suggestions would be a bit useless for you!

      I will definitely have a think about it for you, though. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

  6. I love this! I have always felt deep connections with the stars, they make me feel ‘better’ just by looking up at them especially on a really clear night. I also love feeling the rain on my bare arms. This poem really connected with me. Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Stars are absolutely comforting, aren’t they? I just sit at the window and they watch me write, and they’re always there and always have been. I’m glad you enjoyed it – thank you again!

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