Man and machine

If I were a science fair project
I would easily win you first prize.
I can speak.
I can say anything anyone wants to hear.
You would be hailed as a fucking genius
For building me up
And giving me power.
So while I do all the work
Just sit back and read
Because all of my words

I will be a hit.
Everyone will want one.
‘How can my heart be fulfilled
Without one of those
In my life?’
Not realising that I actually need
A lot more care
And attention and kindness
Than most are willing to give.
Am I already broken?

Imagine a machine that places emotional emphasis on its error messages.

I feel like I’m being punished.
Too many repairs have been carried out.
I require an operator.
Maybe if I’m lucky
Someone else gets your idea somehow
And I get to come to life anyway.

If I really were your science fair project
I would end up in the bin –
Too risky to enter me.
Forevermore wondering
Would life be better
If you could have just gotten me to work properly?

12 thoughts on “Man and machine

  1. You certainly have my interest. 😉 Wonderful poetry. It is quite fun to read anything you write.

    I’m curious what amalgamation of things inspired the post. I can see some of the inspiration within but I like to pick the minds of those who create sometimes, because I often wonder what they had in mind when writing something.

    I find things are often interpreted differently (which is fun in its own right) by the reader and the creator. Often they may see two different things.

    I’m rambling and sleepy…(insomnia says I shouldn’t sleep yet though). Ironic considering it is still relatively early here, the sun is still out and all that.

    Cheers! ^_^

    1. Awesome! Thank you 😀

      Honestly, I can’t remember exactly but it was the thought of being someone’s amazing pet project – and then I thought of the science fair bit, and the rest kind of wrote itself. I was just feeling a bit lonely, I suppose. And it came out like that!

      What did you see?

      Oh, I’m responding to everything on this page (your latest comments may have to wait until tomorrow!) and then I’m going to bed. Didn’t sleep at all last night. I feel really awake, but it can’t be good for me! x

      1. I saw someone who was feeling lonely creatively sharing this, but I also saw someone who feels they are manipulative and honestly will say anything they think someone wants to hear.

        So they likened themselves to a science fair project, I imagined an Android you. Seemingly real as ever, knowing you would win first prize for just that reason.

        You would be perfect for everyone because you would say what they want to hear, act what they want to see, etc. I think though, you are more caring and less cold than you may think, or had thought at the time. Sure, I’m sure you say things you think people want to hear, but I also believe you are honest too. Side note: I don’t know a soul who simply never says things people want to hear to appease them. It happens every day in every day situations and conversations.

        Regardless of all the speculation, you are an amazing soul, and someone I consider a wonderful friend. You are still one of my favorite bloggers, and I quite enjoy talking to you.

        Oh dear…perhaps you have fooled me too? Could that be true?

        Somehow I don’t think you have as much as you might believe.

        It is always wonderful rambling to you. Xp No worries on rushing to comment back.

        Cheers! 😉

        1. Well, that’s interesting… I guess I do think I’m manipulative, but I also know I’m not very good at it. Some people can play others very well. Me… not so much.

          Thinking about it a little further, I think I was also trying to make a statement about coldness. The project is experiencing hurt in spite of the fact it shouldn’t feel emotion, and it feels as though it can’t live up to its purpose but nobody can empathise. So it’s saying ‘stop trying to fix me, it makes me feel worse’ but the cries for help go unnoticed and the project ultimately gives up on itself.

          Maybe, anyway. I’m kinda speculating myself now!

          I do try not to lie, but every now and then I have to. I haven’t lied to you, though – I’m being as truthful as possible on here! And thank you – you’re amazing too, and I’m honoured that you also consider us friends 🙂

          1. Interesting. I like hearing how you intend something you have written to be interpreted. I don’t doubt you have been truthful to me. I’m also glad you are honored to be considered a friend to me. I really wish I could say more, but I’m still not all here. I am home sick again, but thankfully I think it is just a stomach bug so it should be done soon…

            Hopefully. Xp

  2. This is a really lovely poem. Its bittersweet but really resonates with me, I wouldn’t be entered in the fair but oh how I want to meet the girl that was. Haha

    (I hope this isn’t autobiographical, if it is I very much think you’re wrong.)

    1. Thank you! Ha, yes, pretty much everything I write is autobiographical so it is about me… I actually thought I was being a bit arrogant in it!

      And I wouldn’t be entered in the fair either 🙁 I’d say the wrong thing and ruin it all…

      1. Oh no not arrogant at all, it was a perfect contradiction building the imagery of the girl and pull back at the end. It’s been put together really well.
        I’m pretty sure I could say far worse wrong to get thrown out the fair I’m pretty talented at that. Haha

        1. That’s really nice of you to say so. I like it when things come together! And I’m glad you don’t think I’m arrogant. I worry about that.

          Oh, I’m extremely talented at getting my foot in my mouth. I’m very flexible with my awkwardness! I used to hate it about myself but I’ve grown a little bit more tolerant these days. Writing really helps with that… If I say or do something foolish and write about it and someone gets a little bit of enjoyment or the feeling of knowing that someone else is equally/more embarrassing than they are, then it makes it kind of okay. If you get me? 4am isn’t my most eloquent time of day! 😐

          1. Ahahaha, yes I get it. You’ve maintained eloquence even that early in the morning. Although I do have to question why your talking to strange men at 4am. Ahaha😉
            Writing gives us that freedom because so many of us share the same awkward afflictions. Be it social anxiety, depression, or foot in mouth we’re all a little damaged and highly creative. Readers look for themselves for something they can identify with so if you just write from the heart and wrote with purpose there will always be someone to say I’ve been there too and you’ve captured it so well.

            Oh and never worry about arrogance, I use the phrase charming arrogance, it means your arrogant but do it with such charm you get away with it. It’s a lie of course but it’s fun 😄

          2. Ah, I’m not really in the habit of speaking to anyone at 4am but I never know when the insomnia is going to hit me. So that’s my excuse! 😉
            Yeah, I totally agree. I think that’s why I’ve been examining more ‘mundane’ things on this blog. It’s more relatable, and I think there’s a bit of nostalgia in even the simplest moments.
            Haha, maybe one day I’ll get the hang of being charming so I can get away with some arrogance 😉

          3. Oh you poor thing, insomnia is terrible. It plagues me too. It’s a great excuse.
            the best art always come from the mundane it’s the artist who brings it to life. You do that very well, relatable themes told in your on flare.
            Charming is the more challenging in part. I don’t know if it can be learned of taught. Arrogance is never good but the charm can make it funny. Just don’t take yourself seriously and it’ll be take as humour. I think, I never really get feedback. Haha!!

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