Missing pet names

Every now and then when I sit down to write, I get an odd sense of deja vu. It’s odd in the sense that the deja vu itself also gives me deja vu. It’s not over anything important, but I feel as though I’m missing something important.

All of this… none of this is what I’m really good at.
I’m letting it build up before I unleash it.

So which is worse: never realising that you are capable of almost anything, or realising that you are capable of almost anything but never doing it?

Everything has faded. I’m going to give you back your word, because you don’t deserve me and I don’t deserve you. Why would you want to show people words that you don’t want me to write, anyway?

I don’t want to be quiet.

8 thoughts on “Missing pet names

    1. No, no – ask away. If I can’t tell you the answer/reason, then I’ll let you know – but I don’t mind explaining things 🙂

      And thank you, again! x

      1. The final lines of this, I’m curious who and what they are about. I thought I might be able to interpret but my mind isn’t the clearest right now.

        It’s always nice to hear from you! ^_^

        Forgive my lack of clear mindedness and the short reply.

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I’ll reply to you properly tomorrow – it might take me a while to choose the bloggers I want to nominate but I’ll head over to your blog and say thank you properly in the meantime 🙂 x

  1. which is worse? maybe it’s about the life you lead giving you such choices. Never knowing your potential suggests a life with few opportunities, maybe in a small community. Not acting on opportunities suggests a busy life that overwhelms you, so more typical of modern urban life. The first needs fresh pastures, or reading some mind shaking literature or seeing great art, the latter needs organisation and maybe a holiday

    1. That’s the thing though, the people where I grew up didn’t want to read literature or look at art or think about anything in depth at all. They were ‘happy’ doing nothing/being little worker ants. Looking outside their little bubble was frightening, so they simply didn’t do it.

      And you’re right about the opportunities, although I was considering more internal phenomena as a reason. If time and stress aren’t an issue but you’re still not living up to your potential because you’re scared or lazy, then is that worse? It was kind of a scathing remark to myself, looking back at it.

      Thank you for coming over here and commenting, btw. It’s a bit chaotic – I was meant to be writing about psychology and philosophy, but it somehow turned into poetry.

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