Line up with the other empty bottles.
Don’t hold your breath.
I promise I’ll be quick.

And then fall…
Fall out of bed
And into my dreams.

I’m the lie that lies in the heart of believe
And my heart is a lie as well.
I’ve mastered misdirection,
The kind of transparent dishonesty
That distracts from the very worst things that I do.
It doesn’t much matter if you catch me
Because there’ll be something much worse
That you just haven’t realised yet.

So believe what you want
And convince yourself it’s true.
Maybe that’s where you’ll find your happiness.

Tongues like bullets made of ice,
Faces composed in tragedy,
Eyes like galaxies being sucked into black holes…
Everybody wants a happy ending.

My favourite scar is something I only notice
When I’m really fucking lonely.

I wait for the skies to clear
But it’s always raining.
I’m beginning to feel like
I should just put my hood up and brave it.

9 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary

          1. Same, actually… I’ve worked the kinds of jobs where I’ve had to deal with loads of people and I can cope pretty well with that. But socially, I’m hopeless.

          2. Yay! Someone else who understand! Xp Normally I say something like that and people are like, that doesn’t make sense. How can you be social at your job but suddenly not outside of work?

            ICE CREAM! YAY! 😉

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