Headache over heels

The trouble with poetry is that it lets me dress it up. It lets me change a word here, a word there… and then the truth is no longer intact. Everything is slightly off.

Guilt becomes betrayal. Loneliness twists into heartbreak. Fascination exaggerates itself into obsession.

I find it hard to break this habit. Conversations become clouded with words from my daydreams. I say things I don’t mean to, and bite my tongue when I should really spill my guts.


I want to take delight in all these crazy dreams. When you create the most beautiful and extraordinary and impossible fantasies, and every now and then they come true… it gives you hope that absolutely anything can happen. I wouldn’t be me without these airy nothings that occasionally turn into something magical.

I have too much energy. I’m the conductor taking the brunt of the lightning and guiding the melodic motion of the thunder. The harmonic cadence of an emotional electrical storm.

It wears me out but it keeps me going. I can’t bear to be anchored. I need to fly alongside the squall line.


ร€ la belle รฉtoile. How can you look at the sky and still think we should be confined to ourselves? The clouds pause for no one.

The moon reflects sunlight upon the clouds that try to frame it as they drift past, unworried. The stars flicker off and on like light shining through tiny holes in a dark velvet curtain that is swaying slightly in the breeze. You’re inside my mind when you read any of my words.

You see only what the narrator chooses to share. While you’re staring at the sky, lives are being lived (and wasted and lost) and you will never, ever see in. But you can share this with me.


17 thoughts on “Headache over heels

  1. I like the imagery that I see when reading this. It is like you are taking the pieces you want people to see and editing them into a film. The last line. See. It is powerful. I feel like am looking into the lens, and although it is only what you wish us (the audience) to see, I imagine it is going to be magical none the less.

    I felt hope in this is kind of what I’m trying to say in here. For some reason it sparks my imagination.

    I enjoy reading it.

    Cheers! ^_^

    1. Thank you! That is what I was trying to do, although I was messing around with numbers as well. Three sets of three paragraphs, each made up of three sentences, separated by three three-letter words. I like the number three ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m really glad it made you feel that way. It makes me feel a kind of hopeful sadness. Like feeling lonely, but knowing I’m not alone in that. If that makes any sense at all… I’m doing this at 2.30am again, so I don’t really have a good handle on clarity right now!

      I’m really happy you enjoyed it. And I hope life is treating you well x

      1. I like experimentation in writing. I like that you aren’t afraid to do so. You are great at writing and you certainly captured the emotion & imagery. Thanks so much for continuing to write. I’m not going anywhere!

        Cheers! ^_^

        1. Thank you – I like that you like what I do! I honestly have no real clue what I’m doing… I just write whatever comes out. For better or for worse! And you don’t have to thank me, I enjoy it x

          1. During my time away, I did start writing more down in notebooks (lack of internet will do that to a person). I find that when I come on here, though, the notes kind of take on a life of their own and turn into something completely different sometimes. Like tonight’s post was meant to just be about productivity, but I erm… got distracted.

    1. Nice is not a word I’d use to describe it in here, but I’m glad you like what you see! And you are always more than welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I will definitely do it, although it may not be until next week when I have proper internet access again. I really appreciate you thinking of me, that’s so kind of you ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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