Overdue return

I never manage to be in the moment.
I dwell on the past
Because it’s the first time
I’m actually experiencing it.
I simply wasn’t there
The first time round.

Why would I want to be somewhere terrible?

But now I have to go back
Because things happened
While I was dreaming.

Sparky’s nightmare: the spark is gone.

“Oh, the secrets you keep…”
Of my impressive impulsiveness
And now you’re guaranteed relevancy
Without even meeting me.
I’m so scared of running out of words
And time.
Recovering from a collision
Of minds.

Multifaceted lives that I want to make shine.
I won’t let you down,
I won’t let you go
(let me know)
I still have too much
To tell you
And ask you.

I can kickstart a dream
And crash beautifully into the ending.
It doesn’t have to be like this.
I’ll set light to the world –
Are you with me?

Take my name out on your yacht with you
And, when you’ve finished fucking it,
Write it down,
Roll it up,
Push it back into the bottle
And throw it out to sea
So it can drift away to magically appear in front of someone who really wants it.

My mind is a circus
And you are the ringmaster.

9 thoughts on “Overdue return

  1. I just thought you should know, I am digging all the poetry as of late. 😉

    This was wonderful to read and I like reading your poetry. I’m sadly too out of it to say much more, but I wanted you to know, I did take the time to read, and that you are super awesome!

    1. Awesome, I’m finding it easier to express myself through poetry at the minute so I’m glad you like it!

      I’m also a bit out of it – my laptop has broken and I’m having to do everything on my (not very good) phone and I’m exhausted. I just thought I’d reply to a couple of comments before I go to bed! I’ll reply to more of your comments tomorrow – I’ve got answers for the questions you asked. And you’re super awesome too!

      1. Take it as easy as possible. No rush. Thank you for sharing your poetry. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I look forward to hearing your answers.

        I find poetry a beautiful form of expressing anything you wish to. Be it emotions, a story you have in your mind, or anything. I quite love poetry and I hope you are well.

        Cheers! ^_^

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