Written during a smoke break

I wrote something pretty amazing
I surprised myself
But it wasn’t quite right
Good but unsuitable
Unfit for purpose
Not fit for consumption
Too much, too intense, too unbelievable.

So instead of all that
I’m having to write about how I
Lost my inspiration
Stifled my mind
Wore myself out
Composed a million excuses
None of which are really the truth.

I need to take a break but I’m afraid
You won’t still be there when I get back.
These are all the wrong things to say.

I’ve made too many mistakes
And the chances of survival
Are one in a million.
But that’s still a chance… Right?

And in my notebook
I have many words
That will never be read.

One thought on “Written during a smoke break

  1. Keep writing anyways. At the very least, know, I’ll always be reading. I know I have been unable to as of late (immediately) but that should change again.

    I’m just adjusting to the new place. I’ve been out of touch with so many here at WP during this month. I’m getting back to it though. I’m balancing a lot and I wanted you to know I’ve never forgotten you.

    You are a inspiration my friend.

    I wish you the best.

    Always keep writing.

    Cheers! đŸ™‚

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