This is the other side

It hurts my heart.
It doesn’t seem right that you don’t get to continue your story.

Right now I feel pretty naïve.
For years I have been thinking
That my grief was unique;
That no one else could ever feel like this.
But it’s not the same, is it?
This isn’t as simple as ‘I miss you’,
This is ‘It’s just not fair’.
And it’s not.

The judgement we face
Is our legacy.
The way we are remembered
Is where we go when we die.
You can call it what you like –
Whatever makes you happy.

A funeral is merely a room full of people
Who have come together to gather your energy
In order to pass you on
Into the future.
It’s not necessary
But it’s what we do.

No one is really gone if they’re not forgotten
And even the forgotten can turn up again.

I will never know what they feel,
Just like they will never feel this,
Because the tears you leave behind
Contain you.

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