Keep the home[sick] fires burning

Last night I dreamt I was flying
between the rooftops of my hometown
suburban armageddon –
I burnt the houses to the ground.
(It was a strange dream, between wakefulness and sleep,
lucid, yet out of control.)
And then I saw my family
except, I don’t know who these people are
but they seem to know me (and hate me)
– an accurate sense of la familia.
(I assume the lack of recognition is my fault,
because somehow it usually is.)
I sometimes worry that dreams of home
are omens; signs I’ve gone way off track.
But surely a dream where I destroy it completely
is more a sign that I should never go back?
(I’m homesick but there’s no home to go to.
I don’t know where to go from here.)

2 thoughts on “Keep the home[sick] fires burning

  1. Wow what a powerful dream! Burn that sucker down! I wish I would have a dream like that.
    I find I am homesick for a home and a town that i wished would be, hoped would happen, but never did. I am homesick for an illusion. Burning it down would be the best thing that could happen

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