Most people have at least one special place, somewhere that they'll never forget. The emotions a person experiences in such significant places play a part in the development of that person, and the place then becomes inextricably bonded to the person's sense of self. Place attachment. I imagine it's why humans have a sense of … Continue reading Diffuse


The truth is, you’ll never know the truth

Everyone has different boundaries. Some people have thick boundaries, where thought and feeling are totally distinct and the difference between the past and present is clear. They're very good at not being distracted, and their sense of identity is unambiguous. People with thick boundaries know the difference between being awake and dreaming. People with thick … Continue reading The truth is, you’ll never know the truth


Entre nous

I have lots of secrets, and not all of them are mine. I'm the kind of person that collects the damn things; people always seem to tell me absolutely everything about themselves. I must look trustworthy or something. I generally don't repeat anything I've been told, although that's usually because I immediately forget whatever has … Continue reading Entre nous