Idée fixe

I hadn't considered the possibility that they could both be broken. In my head, he saved her from whatever terrible fate she was bound to face. Perhaps they could somehow save each other instead. I mean, they're going to save the entire world, so we should probably give them a chance to live happily ever … Continue reading Idée fixe



Late night conversations, back when we needed each other more than we needed sleep. There are many images which remain undeveloped. We'd lay together, but not with each other. I would hang on every word you said, asking question after question just to make sure you didn't stop talking. I wanted to hear your dreams … Continue reading Lullabye



Most people have at least one special place, somewhere that they'll never forget. The emotions a person experiences in such significant places play a part in the development of that person, and the place then becomes inextricably bonded to the person's sense of self. Place attachment. I imagine it's why humans have a sense of … Continue reading Diffuse